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Weather Satellite Widget

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A widget that fetches and updates weather images from meteorological satellites (requires an Internet connection).It represents the weather evolution with an animation loop of the latest images.
Geographical areas supported: Europe,Africa and USA.
Images are available with different "channels" ranging from infrared, visible and water vapor.
Other "virtual channels" like dust, snow and storm estimation (NEFODINA) are available for Europe.
Features summary:- Weekly forecast (powered by OpenWeatherMap) based on you smartphone position- Near real time images from geostationary satellites- Different image channels (IR, VISIBLE, Water Vapor, RGB composite)- Ambient temperature monitoring (available on Samsung Galaxy S4)- Relative air humidity monitoring (Samsung Galaxy S4)- Atmospheric pressure monitoring (available on Google Nexus, Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4)- Possibility to zoom the image on a dedicated view- Resizable widget- Up to two different image widgets
When first installed a preferences screen will be prompted:- Refresh time: it is important to select how often images will be refreshed. Take care on your mobile carrier data plan (be careful!)- Animation: if enabled, it will collect the latest images and will build an animated loop showing the weather evolution- Europe and Africa: select your desired geographical area and image channel- USA: select your desired geographical area and image channel
When done press back and exit from the preferences screen. In the future if you want to change your preferences it is possible to select the corresponding icon on your launcher (app drawer)
Now you can simply add a new widget on your home screen selecting the "Weather Live Satellite Widget"
If you want to zoom the view to have more details, simply tap on the widget: a zoom view will be shown.
Now you can enjoy your new widget and experiment all the images and settings as you desire!
Please, if you like it, rate it! :-)
credits: adam whitcroft (original weather artwork), misterfatj (modified weather icon set)
keywords: live wallpaper GOES NOAA Meteosat satellite images weather evolution thunderstorms estimation